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We offer a Lifetime USA Support and labor warranty, with up to an optional 3 year comprehensive warranty.

All components in the system are covered for any failure during normal use, during the term of the warranty.

Yes! For upgrades on MAINGEAR systems, labor is free of charge for any single component upgrade, excluding systems with open-loop liquid cooling.

Yes, we ship to most countries all over the world. Just choose “International Checkout” after adding a system to your cart. You will be provided with a shipping quote and you will be able to check out in your local currency.

Yes, financing is available for US residents 18 years and older. Financing is not currently available for international customers. Just choose “Apply for Financing” as your payment type during the final step of checkout and you will be taken to our financing application.

All financing orders are placed into a temporary “Cancelled” status while we wait for your application to go through. Once you are approved and accept an offer, the financing company will fund your account and your order will automatically be reactivated. If you do not get approved for financing or decide not to accept an offer, there is no need to do anything, you order will remain cancelled and you will not be charged.

The final step in the build process for all of our machines is called “System QA – Burn In”. This step encompasses everything we have to do to take your computer from a beautiful but nonfunctional box of assembled parts to a finely-tuned gaming rig or professional workstation. First is the software deployment. This is where your operating system is installed and updated, then all of the appropriate hardware drivers are installed to ensure that everything on your system works, from your sound card, to your USB ports, and your graphics card(s).

Next, your computer is intensely stress tested using our proprietary testing software suite which puts every component through the sort of real-world work load that your computer might experience over the course of weeks of normal use. The purpose of this testing is to ensure that we catch any potentially faulty components before your machine is shipped out. While some defective parts are completely DOA and easy to spot, it’s actually much more common for bad parts to only give out when put under their first strenuous workload for a few hours. By doing this in our controlled environment, we are able to weed out any troublemakers and ensure your system is running at 100% when you receive it.

We are located in beautiful Kenilworth, New Jersey, just half an hour south of the Lincoln Tunnel. While we do not have a showroom or sales floor, we do offer customers the opportunity to pick up their systems in person instead of having them shipped.

Not at all! We also specialize in high end workstations for virtually any use from mechanical engineering in CAD to 3D rendering and motion graphics for feature films in Cinema 4D and After Effects. Our machines also make excellent general purpose home and office computers because they’re built with high quality components and assembled and tested expertly by hand. Whether you’re shopping for a quad-Titan rendering rig, or a mid-range gaming desktop, our knowledgeable sales staff are familiar with all current games and most professional software suites and their requirements, so we can help you find the right machine for your needs.

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